South Africa: Load shedding to occur nationwide through at least July 15 /update 7

10 Jul 2022 | 03:24 AM UTC

Load shedding to occur nationwide in South Africa through at least July 15.







The South African utility provider, Eskom, has indicated that nationwide load shedding will continue at various stages through at least July 15. The schedule is subject to change at short notice, dependent on several factors, including whether generating units are returned to service following repairs .

Temporary commercial and communications disruptions are possible while load shedding and unscheduled disruptions are taking place; cellular and mobile services could be affected. Traffic disruptions and longer driving times are possible during these periods due to malfunctioning traffic signals. Trains may also experience delays if outages impact signaling devices or overhead wires. Power outages could also result in the temporary unavailability of essential services such as ATMs and filling stations. There is an increased security threat during power outages. Blackouts could adversely affect security protocols, including alarm systems and electronic fences; opportunistic criminal activity could increase during electricity outages.


Load shedding requires switching off parts of South Africa’s electric grid in a planned and controlled manner due to insufficient capacity or to avoid a countrywide blackout. For further information, please click here. Authorities in the City of Cape Town are likely to continue to implement support measures and supply electricity during load shedding periods. Typically, city supply will move the stage down one or two levels from the Eskom-announced load shedding level.


Charge mobile and communication devices when possible and ensure backup batteries are available. Plan for road travel delays due to possible malfunctioning or nonfunctional traffic lights in affected areas. Exercise caution when driving in recently impacted areas. Confirm business appointments. Verify that security systems are working. Park vehicles in secure areas, and complete ground movements before nightfall. Ensure that generators are functional and refuel devices where necessary.


Eskom (Twitter)
City of Cape Town (Twitter)
City of Tshwane (Twitter)
City of Johannesburg (Twitter)

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