South Africa men, Namibia women secure seats at the 2022 Indoor Hockey WC

April 19, 2021, 6:18 a.m. IS

Durban [South Africa], April 19 (ANI): South Africa men and Namibia women have sealed their places at the FIH Indoor Hockey World Championship in Belgium next year after an intense three-day hockey competition at the Indoor Africa Cup in Durban, South Africa.
“The Indoor Africa Cup was a great success. It was amazing to see how international hockey was being played on African soil in these difficult times due to the Covid-19 pandemic,” FIH said tournament director Sarah Bennett was quoted as saying.
“The quality of hockey was of a high standard and it has been fantastic to see hockey grow in Botswana since its last international streak in 2019,” he added.

The game results included a 0:37 loss for the men from Botswana against Namibia and a 0:30 loss for the women against the eventual champions.
In the round robin games, South African men were in a class of their own, scoring 85 goals and conceding just seven goals in their five games. While the 36-0 win against Botswana was a master class to seize chances, it was the composed performance with which they defeated Namibia 4-1 in the final that their cards as African champions and qualifiers for the FIH indoor hockey world championship in the next Year awarded Liège, Belgium.
The result means that men and women from South Africa will qualify as eleventh team for the FIH Indoor Hockey World Championship 2022. Only the PAHF competition has to decide who will go to 12th and last place in each competition.
The 2022 FIH Indoor World Championships for men and women will take place in Liège from February 2nd to 6th. (ANI)

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