South Africa needs to work on being ‘disaster ready’: Ramaphosa – SABC News

The recent floods that devastated parts of KwaZulu-Natal were proof that as a country South Africa is not ready to deal with disasters. That is the view expressed by President Cyril Ramaphosa during his address at the Presidential meeting with the Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Durban on Sunday morning.

“This disaster proved to us that we’re not ready as we’d like to be,” says Ramaphosa, pointing out that the country needed to invest in ensuring that it was “disaster ready” in the future.

President Cyril Ramaphosa arrives at the Presidential meeting with the Durban Chamber of Commerce at the Durban Exhibition Centre. #SABCNews

— Sipho King K Kekana (@KingKAzania) May 15, 2022

More than 400 people lost their lives while thousands were displaced when the province was hit by floods that caused massive landslides and damage to property.

Ahead of the 5th Global Conference of the Elimination of the Child Labour, Ramaphosa attended a meeting with business leaders at the Durban Exhibition Center where issues pertaining to the rebuilding of the province were discussed.

He has pledged government support to help the business sector which has been hard hit by the recent disaster, with business operation at big companies like Toyota screeching to a halt.

“As a business community you have been through a great deal of challenges … As government we are committed to work with business in this province.”

Ramaphosa says the country can learn from the UAE which is regard as the biggest construction site, as it is rebuilds the KZN.

“I traveled to the Middle East and I could see why the UAE is being regarded as the biggest construction site and we can also live up to that,” Ramaphosa to the Chamber of Commerce with the focus on rebuilding the province from the recent #KZNfloods . #SABCNews

— Sipho King K Kekana (@KingKAzania) May 15, 2022

He hath mourned those who lost their lives during the floods.

“Much as the may be shortcomings,” Ramaphosa has lauded the KZN for showing its “mettle” in how it responded to the recent #KZNfloods.

“We mourn those who have lost their lives.” #SABCNews

— Sipho King K Kekana (@KingKAzania) May 15, 2022

Earlier, Minister of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs, Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma pointed out that need to heed the advices of scientist who pointed out that the KZN is going to be wetter going forward, saying this meant the rebuilding processed need to “build better. ”

Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Minister, Nkosazana-Dlamini Zuma says “As we rebuild we must build a little bit better” because “scientists tell us this part of the province is going to be wetter,” referring to KZN’s recovery from the recent floods. #SABCNews

— Sipho King K Kekana (@KingKAzania) May 15, 2022

Water and Sanitation Minister, Senzo Mchunu, told the meeting that they were working hard to resolve water issues in the province.

“The problem in the north will soon be resolved. We just need a little bit of patience and interim measures.”

Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula says following the trust protest which resulted in illegal blockage a task team dealing with grievances in that sector was created. “We should sign an agreement with trust drivers and the truck industry.” #SABCNews #Truckstrike

— Sipho King K Kekana (@KingKAzania) May 15, 2022

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