South Africa plans to hunt 6.eight GW of renewable power over the subsequent 12 months

South Africa plans A presentation by the ANC showed that three procurement rounds for 6.8 GW of renewable energies and a total of 5 GW of new coal, gas and storage are to be started in the next year.

The country is heavily dependent on coal power, but plans to diversify generation sources. There are regular outages due to mistakes made by the ailing state utility Eskom, which deterred investment in the country and hampered economic growth.

President Cyril Ramaphosa has pledged to fix Eskom and increase generating capacity, but progress is slow.

The country is heavily dependent on coal power, but plans to diversify generation sources

The presentation, held at a three-day meeting of party officials and allies on Sunday, showed that the ANC wanted to launch the first round of renewables in January or February for 2.6 GW of wind and solar, with another round of 2.6 GW in August and a third for 1.6 GW in January or February 2022.

A procurement round for around 500 MW of energy storage would start around September, followed by rounds for 1.5 GW of coal and 3 GW of gas around December. Coal is controversial as the country is a major polluter and environmental concerns have made banks increasingly reluctant to lend to coal projects.

Integrated resource plan

An ANC spokesman did not respond to a request for comment. A spokesman for the Department of Energy confirmed receipt of questions but was unable to comment immediately.

The capacity foreseen by the ANC is in line with the country’s Integrated Resource Plan, a government document that sets out the electricity mix by 2030. An update to the plan in 2019 included large allocations for wind and solar, but also new coal, which some analysts said was an attempt to appease lobbyists for the fuel. – Reported by Alexander Winning, (c) 2021 Reuters

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