South Africa turns to Interpol for help in the case of corruption in the Gupta family

The Gupta family led by 3 brothers, Ajay, Atul (pictured) and Rajesh. was accused of corruption.


South Africa’s prosecutor said Thursday that requests for assistance in executing arrest warrants against former President Jacob Zuma’s allies, the Guptas, had been filed with the International Criminal Police Organization.

Rajesh and Atul Gupta, their wives, and a handful of their business partners are wanted for fraud and money laundering Study for a state agricultural project.

The money was allegedly laundered and distributed to and through various bank accounts of the company via a transaction scheme.

In addition, National Prosecutor’s Office (NPA) spokeswoman Sindisiwe Seboka said in a statement that investigations revealed that Nulane “had no staff on the books” but had outsourced the work to another company, Deloitte.

“The NPA is requesting assistance from Interpol in the execution of arrest warrants against Atul Gupta and his wife Chetali, Rajesh Gupta and his wife Arti,” said the head of the investigation department, attorney Hermine Cronje.

Four others were officially indicted in Bloemfontein District Court on Thursday.

Prosecutors announced that they would take separate action against the defendants currently residing in the country and abroad, “as the arrest and extradition procedure may unduly delay the trial.”

The wealthy Gupta family, led by three brothers – Ajay, Atul and Rajesh – have been accused of doing extensive corrupt business with former President Zuma and obtaining cheap government contracts.

The brothers are at the center of a 2016 report by the South African anti-corruption watchdog alleging they paid bribes to influence the appointment of ministers and ransack state organs.

They fled South Africa shortly after a judicial commission charged with investigating fraud allegations called “state arrest” started in 2018, and their whereabouts are unknown.

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