South Africa variant confirmed in Slovakia

Virologists found it in seven samples this week.

Slovak virologists found the South African variant of coronavirus in seven samples as of Friday March 5.

Virologist Boris Klempa from the Slovak Academy of Sciences sequenced the samples in his laboratory for the presence of the new mutation, also known as 501.V2 or B.1.351. He confirmed that the new strain was found in six samples for the Dennik N daily on Sunday.

The Ministry of Health later confirmed that A new strain was found in seven samples. Three infections were confirmed in Bratislava, in two men who had traveled from Ukraine and in a woman who was infected with the virus in Slovakia.

In the northern district of Stará Ľubovňa, a man who had returned from Germany tested positive for the South African tribe. In the Dolný Kubín district, a man and woman who have not traveled anywhere were confirmed positive with the new variety. A woman from the Banska Bystrica district who had returned from a trip to Zanzibar was also diagnosed with the mutation in South Africa.

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The Slovak government introduced new measures in March to prevent the import of new mutations.

So far, the British variant has been the only one of the new, more aggressive mutations confirmed in Slovakia. His presence was first confirmed in early January.

There were concerns that the South African variant might be more aggressive in spreading. Virologists also fear the vaccines may not work as well against it.

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