South African David Miller focuses on diet as he prepares for IPL 2023

The modern cricketer is a lean, mean machine and must not only play in international matches but franchise cricket across formats to keep in physical shape for the rigors of the game day in and day out.

When it comes to physical exercises, a balanced diet is absolutely necessary for a player to maintain perfect fitness. And often, players follow specific nutritional plans designed with their sporting nutritional needs in mind.

South African all-rounder David Miller, who will play for Gujarat Titan in the upcoming 2023 Indian Premier League, has revealed the special diet plan he is following in the run-up to the mega-event.

As the Gujarat Titans aim to defend their title, they will look to wonderman Killer Miller to continue his form.

With such pressure and the reliability of the team on his shoulders, Miller has begun training intensely to improve his form for the event, making it aggressive and dominating.

Miller has now revealed his diet to ensure that whatever effort he puts in will definitely yield better results.

As an athlete, hydration is the most important aspect of your diet. “Evocus black alkaline water is my daily companion. I drink 2-3 liters of water. It naturally detoxifies the body and balances my body pH,” Miller said.

“I’m very careful about what I eat in portion sizes throughout the day,” Miller said. He added that for breakfast he likes yogurt, eggs, bacon and toast. Lunch varies between a variety of foods and the nutritional needs of the day. But dinner is one of his favorite dishes of the day, which is his South African cuisine.

Miller said, “I make sure I eat a portion of high-protein foods at dinner, including lots of steak, chicken, and steamed veggies, which are my favorites.”

David says he’s the best at his game and the secret has been his impressive balance in life, which anyone can easily adopt.

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