South Africa’s Men in Blue are facing a rough time, World News

It seems to be a tough time for South Africa’s men in blue, the police. After violent protests and widespread looting, the already exhausting force is finding it difficult to maintain law and order. So if you want to become a police officer in South Africa you have to really get involved because it’s not a fancy job.

Let us examine the current problems facing the police.

Upon witnessing the troubled situations recently, WION spoke to a police officer in charge of an area called Meadowlands, Soweto, which has recorded 11 deaths from mass rushes.

Brigadier General Balaraman Govindasamy says the looting started early on Saturday at the Ndofaya shopping center. He says the police tried to fight off the crowd, but unfortunately the rioters had the upper hand. So the police had to back off.

Govindasamy says that around 8 p.m. that same day, some people were injured in the mall and later, upon the arrival of the EMS, 10 people were found dead at the scene, while one person later succumbed to his injuries.

In the past few days, the South African police services have been heavily criticized for being unable to deal with the situation. In several cases they were a silent spectator of the looting.

The brigadier said, “I think police work in South Africa has gotten a lot tougher. The current situation shows the same thing. If the police then act it is brutality and if they choose not to act they will be convicted of inaction. Our constitution also makes it a bit difficult. ”

When asked if there was a shortage of police personnel in the country, the officer said, “This is one of the main concerns. Our numbers have been used up and so have our resources due to resignations, retirements and deaths due to Covid. This has had an impact on our workforce. ”

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