Spar brings snacks to India and Nigeria

Multinational retailer Spar has launched new snack vegetables grown by Rijk Zwaan in its stores in India and Nigeria.

Shops in both countries will stock the vegetables to offer innovative, high quality, locally grown fresh produce and capitalize on the trends in snacking and healthy eating.

In early 2021, Spar India carried a variety of Sn! Brand snack vegetables in four stores in Bangalore Bs, which, according to Venkatareddy TG, the fruit and vegetable manager of Spar India, were well received.

“Snacking is a growing trend around the world and India is no exception. Consumers are increasingly eating snacks instead of meals, ”Venkatareddy said.

“With the brand Sn! We can offer our customers something else: surprising, attractive, fresh and healthy vegetable snacks. In addition, these snack vegetables have a longer shelf life, which reduces storage losses. “

Spar created different mixtures of snack tomatoes, snack peppers and snack cucumbers in the color combinations red, yellow, orange and green.

“The customer feedback was very positive. The color contrast is very attractive and stimulates impulse buying. And the specially developed Sn! Bs packaging certainly helps too, ”he added.

Spar India is confident that snack vegetables will be a success as it follows the trends of snacking and healthy eating and plans to step up marketing activities while working on consistency of supply.

The local teams from Rijk Zwaan India worked on the Sn! Bs concept, including design, nutritional values ​​and product positioning in the store, and supported the sampling activities in the store. Rijk Zwaan is also looking for suitable breeders to support the initiative.

In Nigeria, Spar Lekki introduced new vegetables in collaboration with RijkZwaan and the distributor Seedforth Agro.

The high quality varieties are grown all year round on a 4 hectare farm. The first product that was successfully presented to Spar customers was a new variety, a seedless cucumber.

Spar Nigeria has announced that it will introduce more new tomato, melon and cucumber varieties to build on the successful collaboration.

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