State of the nation: Nigeria quickly falls into tyranny, dictatorship – afenifere

Chef Ayo Adebanjo

By Dapo Akinrefon

The social policy organization Pan-Yoruba, Afenifere, warned on Saturday that Nigeria could drift towards a dictatorial and tyrannical state and called on the federal government to avoid nepotism, face insecurity and restructure the country.

In a statement by its incumbent chief and National Public Secretary, Chief Ayo Adebanjo and Comrade Jare Ajayi, Afenifere said she has been forced to come to this unsavory conclusion in the face of various actions and statements by the federal government recently.

The statement said: “The dictatorial tendency of the president is evident in his insistence on reopening pasture roads and establishing ranches in the country when the prevailing opinion is that open grazing should be abolished across the country.

“We remember vividly that the governors of the 19 states in the north decided at their meeting on February 9, 2021 that open grazing could no longer be maintained. They decided to encourage the shepherds in their areas to get into the modern way of raising cattle, namely raising livestock.

“On May 11th of this year, their counterparts in all 17 states of the south met in Asaba, Delta state, and imposed a ban on open grazing. “This has been supported with legal instruments through the passage of an Enabling Act as passed by the respective chambers of the Assembly, as described in Section 4 and Part 2 of the second appendix to the 1999 Constitution, as amended.

“In addition, the President enacted the PIB against the will of the majority of Nigerians, despite the manifest injustice it contained and which the government was previously made aware of.

“The same applies to the insistence that the election results are not transmitted electronically, although this was wanted and demanded by the majority of Nigerians.

Afenifere claimed that only a government with dictatorial tendencies would behave like this.

“When it comes to tyranny, it can be seen in how tough the Buhari government is on those who work for a better life for their people, while being indulgent to bandits, kidnappers and shepherds who endanger the lives of the peasants .

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“Afenifere regretted that President Buhari’s government has taken measures on several occasions that were completely contrary to the interests of the Nigerian people.

“Contrary to the promises made by the president and his party, the All Progressives Congress, during the election campaigns, the prices of goods and services have skyrocketed while the provision of social services and infrastructure have continued to decline.

“The worst aspect of all of this is the uncertainty in the country today. At no point in Nigeria’s history has life been so cheap and precarious as it is today. Unfortunately, those who should act are expressing their helplessness, as evidenced by the appeal of Katsina State Governor Bello Masari to the state’s population to find means to secure themselves against bandits who are literally in many parts of the state have taken control.

“Masari was certainly not the first officer to make such a call. But he was of great importance not only because he belongs to the same political party as the president, but also because he is the governor of the president’s home state.

“Rather than facing the challenges on various issues that have a direct impact on people’s lives, the federal government has preferred to focus on the less influential things, like regulating the media and persecuting people who are peaceful Expressing displeasure with what is happening. ”In the country and deals with where and how cows should graze in the country.

“This attitude of President Buhari recalls the story of the Roman emperor Nero, who was busy with the violin when his empire was on fire”.

“We urge President Buhari to cleverly redirect his administration and immediately adopt the democratic ethos by only pursuing policies that are in the best interests of the people.

“The only panacea for the many problems that plague the country now is for the federal government to avoid nepotism, counter the uncertainty and immediately restructure the country.”

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