Survivor South Africa: Immunity Island – Player of the Week (Episode 13)

Every week we will be running a fan poll here on Inside Survivor to determine the player of the week in Survivor South Africa. Readers can vote for the player who impressed them most with their strategic gameplay, social skills, and overall performance. The poll ends on Wednesday.

In the thirteenth episode of Survivor South Africa: Immunity Island, we saw the elimination of 39-year-old online business owner Santoni Engelbrecht. It was another episode of ever-changing plans that resulted in an intense tribal council that culminated in one of the closest fire challenges of all time.

All eyes were on Chappies after stealing food last week, with an initial plan to get rid of him in case he fails to gain immunity. However, after winning the Loved Ones Reward Challenge, Chappies had gained an advantage to pick his two Immunity Challenge opponents. After carefully choosing Santoni and Anela, Chappies was able to win his third immunity necklace in a row.

Now that Chappies was off the table, Santoni was chosen – until Kiran had another idea. After Kiran secured an idol for herself at the beginning of the episode, she felt empowered to take a step against Nicole, knowing she was a much bigger threat than Santoni. With Chappies and Santoni believing that the vote will be on Tyson and Nicole that the vote will be on Santoni, it would allow the trio of Kiran, Tyson and Anela to blind Nicole.

However, that didn’t go well with Anela, who had formed a close alliance with Nicole. At this point, Anela came up with a plan to blind Kiran and team up with Nicole, Chappies, and Santoni. But when Santoni tried to adjust the plan to split the votes two to Kiran and two to Tyson (in the case of an Idol game), Anela became frustrated and decided to blow up the plan and his own game in the process.

At the last minute, Anela let Kiran know that he was going to take him off guard, but had now decided against it. This admission baffled Kiran, who exposed the whole situation at Tribal in another intense showdown.

In the end, Kiran played his idol for himself, and in response, Nicole played her fire idol, forcing the top two vote winners (Santoni and Tyson) into a fire challenge. Although Santoni got a flame first, it was Tyson who ultimately won the challenge, dramatically sending Santoni before the jury.

Last week’s poll winner was Chappies with 378 votes (55.10%).


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