Syria Committed to Develop Relations with South Africa – Al-Manar TV Lebanon

President Bashar al-Assad said on Thursday that Syria is committed to develop relations with South Africa, based on a vision that depends on common interests between the two countries, considering that common relations among states are important to consolidate stability and safety in future as the World is changing and becoming more complicated, not because of the Ukrainian issue or the current events in Syria, Yemen or Libya, but also because of the economic repercussions that cause instability.

President al-Assad, meeting Deputy Minister of International Relations and Cooperation of the Republic of South Africa, Candith Mashego-Dlamini, and an accompanying delegation, affirmed that terrorism can’t be combated only through armies, saying that the extremist mentality is moving in speedy way among states, and it doesn’t recognize any limits, but it flows directly through Web among the people, and from this point comes the necessity of moving on the level of bilateral relations among countries in the domains of economy and culture.

The President considered that South Africa is an independent state and it respects its principles and plays an objective role on all levels in the world, and it has an important position on the political level, whether as a county by its own, or as part in the BRICS group. “South Africa also stands by the Syrian people in the war on terror and it supports their rights in the occupied Golan,” President al-Assad said.

Dlamini, for her part, said that her country has long suffered from instability and it highly appreciates support offered by Syria, considering that what Syria is going through now is a thing “that needs partnership on the level of experience.

She added that the current situation requires a permanent friendship that depends on mutual support, affirming that work is underway to activate agreements signed between the two countries.

sources: SANA

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