Tana River County: Drought Early Warning Bulletin for April 2021 – Kenya

Drought situation & EW phase classification

Drought phase: alerting

Biophysical indicators

• Biophysical indicators show negative trends towards the expected seasonal ranges.

• In April 2021, rainfall was below average.

• April Vegetation Condition Index values ​​for Tana North-Bura and Tana River Sub-Counties are below normal and indicate moderate drought.

• The water level in most of the water pans was 3 (10% -55%) in pastoral and marginal livelihoods below normal.

Socio-economic indicators (impact indicators)

Production indicators:

• The condition of the fodder is poor in relation to pastoral and marginal mixed, but fair mixed livelihoods in quality and quantity.

• The condition of the cattle is fair to good in mixed and marginally mixed and pastoral livelihoods and fair to bad in poor to pastoral fringe zones.

• Milk production is currently above average in all livelihoods. This is due to fair feeding and grazing conditions.

• Normal cattle migrations towards the traditional pasture fields have been reported.

Access notifications

• Trading conditions are currently above normal but are on the decline due to rising corn prices.

• Household water sources distances that are currently below average compared to normal.
Usage indicators:

• The number of children under five who are at risk of malnutrition is currently falling compared to normal.

• The copping strategy index for households is falling due to improved milk production.

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