Texas Bans Local Mask Mandates; South Africa registered …

A Covid-19 vaccine is being held up by nurses during the start of SA’s Phase 2 rollout in Krugersdorp on May 17, 2021. (Photo: Felix Dlangamandla / Daily Maverick)

In South Africa, 2,355 new Covid-19 cases have been registered for a grand total of 1,617,840. Another 80 Covid-19-related deaths have been reported, bringing the total to 55,340 deaths.

Singapore, hit by a new wave of infections that has resulted in a return to lockdowns, will extend the time between vaccine doses to extend supplies. The city-state will also approve the Pfizer shot for children ages 12 and older.

According to a study by the Spanish Instituto de Salud Carlos III, the combination of vaccine doses from AstraZeneca and Pfizer is safe and gives people high levels of immunity. The research facility conducted one of the earliest studies on composite recordings that included clinical trials.

Britain will authorize The Johnson & Johnson single-dose vaccine is “very imminent” according to the UK Medicines Agency. In the United States, Texas banned local governments and schools from wearing masks.

Key developments

Texas governor bans local mask mandates

Texas Governor Greg Abbott issued an executive order banning government agencies – including counties, cities, school districts, health departments, or government officials – from requiring or requiring the wear of masks. Public schools can continue to follow current mask wearing guidelines through June 4th. After this date, no student, teacher, parent, or other employee or visitor can be asked to wear a mask on campus.

Beginning May 21, local governments or officials who attempt to impose a mask mandate or restriction that is inconsistent with or contradicting the Executive Order may be fined up to $ 1,000.

Abbott ended the state’s mask mandate in early March and made national headlines, but some municipalities and many corporations have retained their own requirements.

Rural counties lag behind cities on vaccines, according to the CDC

According to a report released Tuesday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, vaccination rates for Covid-19 in the US were generally lower in rural areas than urban areas.

Overall, the adult vaccination rate was 38.9% in rural areas and 45.7% in urban areas. Coverage between age groups and between men and women in rural districts also lagged behind urban districts.

The study analyzed data from adults who received their first dose of the Pfizer BioNTech or Moderna vaccine, or a single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, from mid-December to early April.

Residents in rural communities have limited access to critical care and are at higher risk of serious Covid illness or death, the report said. As a result, vaccination differences between urban and rural counties are hampering efforts to reduce the number of serious illnesses and deaths at the national level.

Networks offer mobile vaccine website for playoffs

A mobile vaccination station in front of New York’s Barclays Center will greet fans attending the Brooklyn Nets playoff game this weekend, Mayor Bill de Blasio said Tuesday. The move is an attempt to increase vaccinations in the most populous U.S. city, which has already administered more than 7.5 million doses.

To encourage vaccinations, anyone who gets a shot has the opportunity to participate in a lottery for free playoff tickets and receive merchandise from the National Basketball Association team.

John Abbamondi, executive director of the Brooklyn Nets, said almost everyone in the arena will be vaccinated, with some sections reserved for fans who don’t.

Turkey cannot convince Russia to start flights

Turkish officials failed Convincing Russia to lift a flight ban between the two countries in late May, a setback for a tourism sector trying to recover from a year of pandemic restrictions as new cases fall.

According to a senior Turkish official, Moscow tourists are not expected to travel to Turkey, a popular travel destination for Russians, until mid-June at the earliest.

No “conclusive” reason to delay UK easing

British ministers “are looking very closely at the data on the Indian variant of the coronavirus,” Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in a pooled television interview on Tuesday.

“Right now we don’t see anything conclusive to say we have to deviate from the roadmap,” to enter the economy, Johnson said.

Zambia has the first case of a variant of India

Zambia has recorded its first case of variant B.1.617.1, first found in India, in a 42-year-old man who traveled to Zambia from India, Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary Kennedy Malama said on ZNBC state television.

Mixing cans is safe and effective: learn Spanish

According to a study by the Spanish Instituto de Salud Carlos III, the combination of vaccine doses from AstraZeneca and Pfizer-BioNTech is safe and gives people high levels of immunity. The research facility conducted one of the earliest studies on composite recordings that included clinical trials.

The study administered a first dose of AstraZeneca and a second dose of Pfizer-BioNTech to 441 people under the age of 60. The results show an increase in antibodies after the second dose and mild side effects that did not require hospitalization.

Research was stimulated by the appearance of blood clots in some people who had received the AstraZeneca vaccine. These isolated incidents, some of which were fatal, caused some European countries, including Spain, to stop vaccinating young people with AstraZeneca.

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Singapore extends dose gap

Singapore will extend The time between vaccine doses is six to eight weeks to expand the limited supply, where the entire adult population could get a first shot by the end of August.

The revised strategy takes place amid a new wave of infections that has forced the city-state to return to lockdown-like conditions and caused the lifting of high profile initiatives like the World Economic Forum and an air travel bubble with Hong Kong.

The government will also approve Pfizer and BioNTech’s vaccine for children 12 years and older.

UK approval of J&J vaccines is imminent.

Britain will authorize Johnson & Johnson’s Covid-19 vaccine is “very imminent,” according to the country’s Medicines Agency, giving Britain the first one-time vaccine against the pandemic. DM

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