The Australian tour of South Africa is to be postponed “as soon as possible,” said Nick Hockley, Interim Chief Executive of Cricket Australia

A move to postpone Australia’s South Africa tour “as soon as possible” will defuse simmering tensions between nations and prevent the need for an independent tribunal to settle their dispute.

This is the view of Cricket Australia interim chief Nick Hockley, who said he had a “regular and timely dialogue” with colleagues in cricket following the postponement of the planned Australia tour last month over concerns about the coronavirus situation in the Rainbow Nation South Africa led.

The Australian cricket team had to postpone their tour to South Africa due to COVID-19 concerns.Recognition:AP

Cricket South Africa sizzled over CA’s 11th hour withdrawal and sent an official complaint to the International Cricket Council last month.

“First of all I want to say that there was a huge disappointment that we couldn’t tour. I think we were all disappointed, ”Hockley told the Herald and The Age.

“I know that we have spoken to the trainer and captain since the beginning of the pandemic and that the health and safety of our employees is our top priority. However, we are in regular and current dialogue with Cricket South Africa to postpone the tour.

“We want to postpone it as soon as possible, provided that it is safe to do so and time is available in the calendar.”

Cricket South Africa seeks financial compensation from CA for postponing the three-test tour and wants the Proteas to receive World Cup points. Australia say they will make every effort to find a place on the international calendar to play against the South Africans before they arrive in Australia for the summer of 2022/23.

If Australia fails to reschedule the series before the current Future Tours deal expires in 2023, it faces a $ 2.5 million fine.

An independent body will step in and handle the dispute if it cannot be resolved through “negotiation in good faith” between the two nations. In this case, however, Hockley is satisfied with CA’s decision not to travel to South Africa as CA has received medical advice regarding the associated COVID-19 risks.

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