The chilly weather continues across Egypt on Saturday

Meteorologists predict cool weather in Cairo, the Nile Delta, the northwest coastal cities and northern Upper Egypt on Saturday. Temperatures will be a little warmer in southern Upper Egypt and cooler on the northeast coast.

As night falls, temperatures in most parts of the country get very cold, while South Sinai remains slightly warmer.

A light morning mist will roll through some agricultural roads that lead to and from Cairo, the Nile Delta, the north coast, central Sinai and northern Upper Egypt, General Meteorological Bureau director Mahmoud Shaheen said.

High temperatures for the following cities are:

Alexandria: 19C

Cairo: 19th century

Qena: 23C

Luxor and Aswan: 26C

Sharm el-Sheikh: 23C

Hurghada: 23C

Marsa Matrouh: 17C

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