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A blessed country like Nigeria should be heaven on earth, not hell. Nigeria is a blessed country among the countries here on the planet.

The vision and work of our founding fathers should not remain without success or results, but unfortunately the majority of our executives tried in vain today.

Nigeria is a blessed country. Speaking of talent, Nigeria has it, natural resources are in abundance.

When Nigeria gained independence from the colonial rulers in 1960, we have great leaders who want only the best for this country. Unfortunately, selfish leaders emerged after that and Nigeria is not the same again.

The great people of this country are mostly brainwashed by politicians. Politicians are successful at brainwashing because they understand people’s weaknesses, namely religion, tribe, and ethnicity.

You are likely to brainwash some of our people if you come to them with religious references. You will surely achieve your goal if you come to our people with the face of religion. As long as we do not change this way of thinking, we will never get better, but rather remain underdeveloped.

Another problem that the people of our great nation must stop is malice, lack of love for one another, especially the business people among us. Sometimes they add to our problem. A clear example is that when the dollar is perhaps N300, some goods will buy and those goods may not be ready right away.

This land belongs to all of us. If this country doesn’t get better it is our own fault, and if this country gets great we will all be responsible for it.

If you do good because you want good for this country, another person will see that and do the same. If you do bad or bad, another person will see that and do the same.

May Almighty God bless Nigeria and the Nigerians.
Come on Apagu, Abuja

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