The Nigeria Of My Dream

My love, my Nigeria, is located on the west coast of Africa, having 36 states. It is known as the ‘Giant Of Africa’ and viewed by neighboring countries as ‘Little in words: Big in action’.
Nigeria is a massive country of more than 100 million people comprising 250 ethnic groups speaking 525 dialects. Nigeria, a country that loves peace keeping has led the world on international peace keeping missions of 80 countries and troops to over 20 global operations. Nigeria also has vast natural reserves, the world’s fifth largest.
Though having all this, I have a dream that one day Nigeria will be a happier and healthier place to live in, a safe country, a place where corruption, greed and robbery will not exist. A Nigeria filled with care and kindness, honest and hardworking citizens. A place where it’s people will love and care for each other, and it’s leaders will love and care for its citizens.
A country where everyone, regardless of social class and level of income, has equal access to decent accommodation, good education, good roads, pipe-borne water, electricity and where citizens enjoy critical infrastructure.
I dream of a Nigeria where security of lives and property is guaranteed, a country where it’s nation hood is celebrated in peace, unity and prosperity. A Nigeria where our best and brightest will not spend their most productive years building other countries.
I also dream of a prosperous country where every Nigerian will live in dignity, at the end to high level of poverty and where it’s citizens will enjoy the dividend of the riches of the country.
Nigeria is a country endowed with milk and honey by nature but selfishness have eroded God’s free gift. I dream of a Nigeria with improved level of education up to world class standard.
Also, a Nigeria where the term ‘Leaders of Tomorrow’ actually refers to youths and not the old men and women in power. I dream of a Nigeria where fraud becomes history
A Nigeria where the last man in a village will feel the existence of government, a country where people in government places citizens’ welfare higher. A Nigeria where peace will reign among the different religions, no hatred for people despite religion, no hatred for people despite the difference.
A Nigeria where employment opportunities will be available. I dream of a Nigeria where public officers are responsible for their wrong doing. A Nigeria where human rights are respected.
In conclusion, if Nigeria is filled with all these, it will be respected. I am one of the Nigerians who believes that there is a very big hope for our country. This dream is not a flying horse, This is ‘My dream for Nigeria’.
Boniface is on SS2
Student of Sunrise Schools, Borikiri, Port Harcourt.

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