The petitioner challenges the policy to vaccinate all Kenyan government employees against COVID-19

A Kenyan has filed a petition against the mandatory COVID-19 vaccine policy for all officials.

Joseph Aura Enock argues that the government’s policy is against the Constitution and Health Act, which gives any citizen the right to refuse medical procedures they disagree with.

The petitioner requests that the court declare the policy of the Head of Public Service Joseph Kinyua illegal and null and void.

“The Kenyan Constitution guarantees every Kenyan, whether in the public or private sector, in an irrevocable way the protection of his health, safety and economic interests, and the government takes liberties with regard to the health of the Kenyan people,” the petition reads.

In a statement last month, Kinyua warned officials who would not be vaccinated with disciplinary action.

He called on the Chief Secretaries and Accounting Officers to ensure that the directive is fully implemented.

The official noted that the poor uptake of COVID-19 vaccinations by officials in key sectors such as security and education had negatively impacted public service delivery.

“At a recent NSAC meeting, it was reported that there was low acceptance of COVID-19 vaccines among public officials, particularly in the security sector, teachers and core public service,” he said.

He also noted that some government employees purposely avoided the sting to avoid going to work on the pretext of working from home.

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