The shooters strive for the best shot when Kenya hosts the IDPA Africa Championships: The standard sport

Pricillah Wangui in action at the Kirigiti shooting range [photo courtesy]

After all the countdown and preparatory work, it’s time to act.

This weekend promises to be a historic one as Kenya hosts the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) African Championships.

Today, safety officers fire on 14 courses as a prelude to an event that brings together over 200 local and international shooters.

LR: Masters Mohammed Omar and Eric Wachira at the False Bay shooting range, South Africa. [photo courtesy]

“The Covid-19 pandemic that has devastated the world has made preparations for the championship difficult, but rest assured that all protocols related to health issues are followed as per government guidelines,” said the chairman of NGAO Kenya , Martin Chengo.

Below are some of the faces to watch out for at the event, which starts Thursday through Sunday at the Kirigiti shooting range in Kiambu.

Mohammed Omara

Marksman Mohammed Omar (Assistant Match Director) [photo courtesy]

Master Mohammed Omar is one of the best shooters in the country and deputy game director of the event. “I’ve been photographing for about eight years and it’s not been an easy journey. Exposure was limited at the time; but there are modern training methods that have made it comfortable for the current shooting group, ”said Omar. Master ‘Moha’, as he is commonly known, has participated in four African championships; 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019.

Eric Wachira

Marksman Eric Wachira [photo courtesy]

Marksman Eric Wachira hopes to win the championship. “I will try to get an ESP high and a high in the Masters category, which is equivalent to a gold medal in ESP and gold in the Masters category,” said Wachira. Wachira’s highlights include the 2019 African Championships in False Bay, South Africa, in which he participated as an expert and was promoted to the Masters category.

Ibrahim Ndungu

Marksman Ibrahim Ndungu (Assistant Match Director) [photo courtesy]

“I became a master on August 8, 2020. I also did an instructor course in South Africa and got an international firearms instructor certification, ”said Ndungu. Master Ibrahim, who is also the event’s assistant game director, was recently ranked as the first master in Africa in all ESP, SSP and CCP divisions of IDPA with a total score of 14.77.

Peter Njoroge

Peter Njoroge (sniper) [photo courtesy]

“I want nothing but gold,” swore Peter Njoroge, who started shooting in 2014. At the 2018 African Championships in Ermelo Mpumalanga, South Africa, he won gold and became the first black African shooter, an achievement that promoted him to the sharpshooter class from IDPA IPOC Africa Vivian Whatley. He owes his shooting skills to his successive training camps with the experienced trainer Master Robert Nyamongo.

Belinda Akoth

Akoth is an SSP sniper. She is aware of the close competition in her class, as there are more experienced and more experienced shooters than her, but she is optimistic and confident that she will win the game. “Everyone is excited about the day, but I think we will do well. Mbele iko sawa, ”said Akoth, who took part in two international competitions in Tanzania and China. She attributes her shooting skills to the snipers Peter Muli and Salim Abdalla, who train her frequently, as well as the masters Sammy Onyango, Robert Nyamongo and Ibrahim Ndungu.

AbdulHakim Daud

Bamburi Rifle Club Chairman AbdulHakim Daud, who joined IDPA in 2015, is confident that the preparations he has made with his teammates are going well for them. The 6.1 foot ESP sniper sees the championship as a major milestone in sport shooting in Kenya. “We will lobby and work to keep the championship in Kenya and host it at the Bamburi Rifle Club in Mombasa,” he said. Hakim is ready for the championship and wants to raise his status to the expert category. He attributes his shooting skills to Master Ibrahim Ndungu.

Jonathan Wahome (Jojo)

17 year old Jonathan Wahome in action. [photo courtesy]

Jonathan Wahome (ESP Sharpshooter) is 17 years old and stands 6 meters tall like a wild eucalyptus. He started shooting five years ago when he was 12 and his father, former NGAO-K chairman Anthony Wahome. Jojo, who uses a CZ75B pistol, has shot five sanctioned matches in Kenya and is looking forward to winning the competition.

Stanslus Masha

Senior Sergeant Stanslus Masha of Kenya Prisons is an SSP sniper and a certified Range Safety Officer. He represented Kenya at the IDPA Africa Championships 2017 in Johannesburg and 2018 in Ermelo Mpumalanga South Africa. “The sniper category is pretty competitive, but with my vast experience and passion for the game, I’m hoping for a big win,” said Masha. He attributes his shooting skills to Chief Inspector Peter Muli of GSU Recce.

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