Those seeking Nigeria’s dissolution will be disappointed, says NCPC

By Luminous Jannamike

The executive secretary of the Nigerian Christian Pilgrims Commission, Rev. Yakubu Pam, said Thursday that those who believed Nigeria could fall apart before 2023 would end up being terribly disappointed.

At a joint meeting with the leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria (youth wing) and the National Council of Muslim Youth in Nigeria in Abuja in Abuja, the NCPC chief said despite the excitement of the secessionists in the south-east and south-west region there was still hope for survival Nigeria.

“And those who continue to think that Nigerians can no longer ignore their ethnic and religious differences and come together as one nation will be terribly disappointed. All hope is not lost in this country. God still has Nigeria in his heart, ”he said.

Pam noted that there might be disagreements, but the most important thing was that some of the youth he identified as the future of the country are ready to put their quota to work to resolve it.

According to him, “There can be disagreements, and in all institutions, even at the family level, there can be disagreements and problems. However, the most important thing that keeps life going is our ability to resolve our crisis.

“Regardless of the disagreement, we will settle these differences amicably. This is the area I recommend to our youth to come together to see how some of these differences will be resolved and peace will reign in Nigeria. “

He praised the leadership of YOWICAN and NACOMYN and assured them that the commission would support their joint peace initiative, especially in the troubled parts of the country.

Urged them to avoid hard drugs and the advances of unscrupulous politicians as the nation prepares for the 2023 general election, Pam said, “No matter what anyone says, the youth represent the vision and future of our country.

“You must avoid hard drugs and avoid anything that destroys the future of our country. It is an ugly thing that young people are becoming tools in the hands of desperate politicians. “

Earlier, the national chairman of the CAN youth wing, Belusochukwu Enwere, said the delegation would set a good example and stand up for Nigeria’s peace and unity regardless of religious differences.

“The problem with Nigeria is a hydro-headed problem that is ready to engulf the entire nation, but the country must remain as an indivisible nation. Now is the time to make changes and move the country forward, ”he said.

NACOMYN President Sani Suleiman also called for a curriculum review to reflect current realities in the country and stressed the need to teach peacebuilding subjects and courses in schools.

According to him, there seemed to be something wrong with the current narrative about our nation.

“Trust is a big issue for our people now, but that has to change. We are one and all we want is peace, ”added Suleiman.

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