Tonto Dikeh: The Christian Pilgrims Commission of Nigeria denies Tonto Dike’s claim that she is the “Ambassador of Peace”.

32 minutes do not go by

The Christian Pilgrims Commission of Nigeria is not issuing a statement to deny the allegation that they have made Tonto Dike an ambassador for peace.

The Christian Pilgrims Commission of Nigeria says Tonto Dike’s claim is the ambassador of peace that she cannot follow.

“Her claim is false, unfounded and should be rejected and viewed by all Nigerians as an invention of their imagination.” NCPC token.

Nigerians criticize the Christian pilgrims commission in Nigeria after the Nigerian actress posted pictures of her meeting with the commission for her Instagram page.


The commission says the Nigerian actress is visiting the executive secretary to finalize partnership deals.

“King Tonto Dikeh kindly visits the Christian Pilgrims Commission of Nigeria, Rev. Yakubu Pam, for our corporate headquarters in Abuja.

As the founder of the Tonto Dikeh Foundation, she expresses her willingness and interest to work with the Commission on peacebuilding.

She also benefits from her visit to commend the NCPC chief for his positive and relentless peace initiatives across America. “

I make it clear that the Executive Secretary of the NCPC neva appoints King Tonto Dikeh as the NCPC’s Ambassador for Peace and does not even decline part of her visit.

This describes reports from local media as a clear misrepresentation.

Greetings, Tonto Dikeh, would like to work with the partner to support our peacebuilding initiatives and the area of ​​pilgrimage sponsorship for the Holy Land.

In the meantime, the Nigerian actress is not responding to the recent commission statement that she is not lying.

“I get video proofs, but I tend to respect the decision of the commission and take the case,” she tokens.

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