Tourism CS launches the Kenya Conservation Roundtable for Wildlife Biodiversity

Tourism, Wildlife and Heritage CS Peninah Malonza giving her keynote address during the launch of concept for the wildlife conservation roundtable held Serena hotel, Nairobi on Thursday December 8, 2022. Photo by Edwin Mang’eni.

The Cabinet Secretary for Tourism, Wildlife, and Heritage, Peninah Malonza Thursday launched the wildlife conservation roundtable aimed at discussing the critical role of wildlife in solving biodiversity challenges like climate change in Kenya.

Speaking at the event, Malonza said the establishment of an Advisory Roundtable Caucus for sector stakeholders will provide an opportunity for quarterly consultations, robust discussions and a forum for tabling general concerns that require immediate attention.

“Let us engage and use this as an advisory platform for matters concerning wildlife or better still, a sectoral think-tank for information and knowledge sharing,” she said.

The CS noted that through the caucus, massive opportunities will be unlocked for coordinated sector funding and proper guidance offered on investment in nature-based enterprise, including public-private partnerships.

“This platform for stakeholders’ engagement presents an opportunity for an all-inclusive and consultative approach to unlock the economic and social potentials of the wildlife sector,” said Malonza.

She lauded the efforts of partners like the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), Conservation Alliance of Kenya, Kenya Wildlife Conservancies Association, Development Partners Wildlife Issue Group and key wildlife experts and opinion leaders for their continued efforts in wildlife conservation and solving biodiversity problems .

At the same time, IFAW President Azzedine Downes stated that the wildlife roundtable will foster synergy between diverse sectors to support wildlife conservation in the country.

“This caucus brings together decision makers who may not have previously considered the critical role they can play in Kenya’s development agenda while still supporting its biodiversity goals and helping limit climate change,” said Downes.

Also in attendance, Conservation Alliance of Kenya Board chair Lucy Waruingi said that the roundtable is a step in the right direction and an important development for the wildlife and conservation sector.

“This caucus will create the space needed to ensure conservation is everyone’s business and we welcome the leadership of the Ministry of Tourism, Wildlife and Heritage and President Dr. William Ruto in launching this initiative,” said Waruingi.

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