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Trevor Noah donates 8 million ren to help churches in South Africa

US-based South African expat Trevor Noah has donated 8 million ren to a project in his home country in response to urgent problems related to impoverished communities across South Africa.

The donation was made on behalf of the Trevor Noah Foundation and in partnership with YouthBuild South Africa (YBSA).

One of the issues the funds will address is the lack of physical infrastructure in schools, as reported by 56% of teachers in South Africa.

The Trevor Noah Foundation currently impacts over 500 teachers, 6,000 learners, and countless families in the communities. Trevor says:

“Today’s children are supposed to be tomorrow’s leaders, but they are not given the tools. I am excited about this partnership with YouthBuild as we create life changing opportunities for South African youth. We all deserve to reach our full potential, no matter where we come from. “

The YBSA’s mission is to mobilize young adults between the ages of 17 and 29 who are not in education, employment or training (NEET) to improve their lives and communities. YBSA works with these young people as they pursue their education, prepare for future careers, and grow into community leaders … and build a better future for themselves and their neighborhoods.

This Trevor Noah Foundation donation will help further connect YBSA graduates in underserved communities with work and self-employment in construction, tourism, hospitality, and information and communication technology (ICT).

Trevor isn’t the only expat who gives something back to his country of birth. Just last week, SA President Cyril Ramaphosa highlighted the goodwill of so many South African expats. While he was meeting the South African expat Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong thanked Patrick Soon-Shiong, who has started a major health initiative to enable the production of cancer and Covid vaccines in South Africa, among other things. The President said: “We are regularly contacted by experts in the South African diaspora who want to invest here who want to give something back and who want to see their country flourish. “

The goals and mission of the Trevor Noah Foundation are:

  • Build global and local partnerships that communities can empower through education.
  • Improve learning infrastructure to create environments that inspire learners.
  • Equip teachers with the tools to enable 21st century learning.
  • Provide youngsters with the support structure and tools to be emotionally healthy, empowered, resilient, and confident.

The Faranani Project: “Togetherness”

According to recent reports, South Africa is currently wrestling with an official Unemployment rate of 34.4%, one of the highest in the world. The Faranani Infrastructure Project is an approach developed by the Trevor Noah Foundation and YBSA to improve the educational base in our schools. Based in Soweto, young people from different communities receive training, practical building skills and the mindset to transform an educational environment. The aim is to meet the need for school infrastructure while at the same time promoting and developing the skills of unemployed young people.

“We want to make sure our young people are ready and mentally prepared for the world of work and build our communities,” says Oupa Tshabalala, Executive Director, YouthBuild South Africa

“Through nearly 300 programs around the world, the YouthBuild movement equips young people with the tools they need for long-term professional and personal success,” said John Valverde, President and CEO of YouthBuild USA. “In South Africa alone, more than 2,500 young adults were welcomed by YBSA. supervised, and unbelievable Partnership with the Trevor Noah Foundation will help them to consolidate their training and expand their reach even further. “

Promotion of the Youth Foundation

The limited access to education and the poor quality of the South African infrastructure were the driving forces behind the projects, programs and initiatives of the foundation. The Trevor Noah Foundation – in collaboration with the government, its partners and communities – has implemented dynamic school programs. These programs ensure that South Africa’s youth have access to well-established learning environments in their communities and provide them with the best opportunities for success in life after they graduate from school.

Currently there are eleven partners of the Khulani School, and the Trevor Noah Foundation works closely with these partners to increase capacities for educational excellence:

Although every school faces physical, staffing, and financial constraints, they have been handpicked to show purpose-driven leadership and a commitment to excellence.

25 schools are to be reached by the end of 2025.

Find out more about the latest developments and projects on the Trevor Noah Foundation website.

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