Uber Eats promises more “unconventional” options in South Africa

Uber Eats plans to bring local customers more product variety by increasing the number of “unconventional merchants” available on its delivery service in South Africa.

Such unconventional partnerships include Legends Barbershop, Masodi Organics, and Exclusive Books, Uber Eats told MyBroadband.

Uber Eats Sub Saharan Africa’s head of operations, Charles Khumbo Mhango, said the platform had grown substantially since it first launched in the country.

“Since its launch six years ago, Uber Eats has expanded to include over 7,500 merchants across 33 cities in South Africa,” Mhango said.

“We also have partnered with BP, which is the first convenience retailer to team up with Uber Eats on a global level,” Mhango said.

“BP aims to have more than 3,000 retail locations available on the delivery platform over the next three years.”

the partnership lets customers order coffees and snacks from BP’s Wild Bean cafes.

Uber Eats also expanded its product catalog in South Africa to include groceries and convenience items.

“Grocery and convenience orders have grown by 68.5% between April 2021 and April 2022,” Mhango said.

“Due to this demand, we have been able to provide economic opportunities via new delivery people sign-ups.”

Mhango said the delivery service also encourages electric vehicle sign-ups and that no special conditions are associated with driving an electric vehicle.

“We are increasingly looking for partnerships that enable the electrification of our partners as part of Uber’s long-term commitment to sustainability.”

Charles Mhango, Head of Operations at SSA Uber Eats

When we asked if Uber Eats plans to add support for ordering from multiple merchants in a single trip, Mhango said this is not currently an option.

“If customers want orders from multiple merchants, they can order from a different merchant while their current order is being prepared and delivered from other merchants,” he said.

However, Mhango added that users need to be aware of this method involves each order having its own delivery fee.

Since Uber Eats introduced liquor to its platform, 17:00 to 18:00 has been the most popular time for many customers to place their orders.

For those who are anxious to get their food quickly during busy times, Uber Eats introduced priority delivery in December 2021.

At an extra cost, the service allows users to get their orders first if a driver has multiple deliveries lined up.

The application offers over 132 cuisines, but mogodu, kotas, and meat with pap and chakalaka remain popular go-to’s as the number of traditional restaurants on the platform increases.

“By broadening our offerings into grocery, convenience, alcohol, specialty goods, pet supplies, flowers and more, we’re expanding what’s available for delivery on Uber Eats within hours — if not minutes — to the benefit of consumers, merchants, and earners ,” Mhango said.

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