USA ends tournament in Tokyo and remains behind in rematch against South Africa

Play for 5th place


Less than two days after they faced each other in the pool game, the two teams found each other back in hand. This time the 5th place in the tournament was at stake. South Africa proved too much for the Americans and won 28-7.

South Africa was relentless from the start, exerting pressure and keeping the Americans behind their 22 for most of the first half. The Americans tried to flee, but a dropped pass caused costly revenue that resulted in a walk-in attempt Justin’s patience.

The Americans reacted immediately to the next whistle. Steve Tomasin received a well timed dump pass from wing Carlin Islands and hurried down the field to level the score at 7 with two minutes to go at halftime.

After a string of penalties, including a high tackle, South Africa quickly knocked and found the Americans to step back. Sakoyisa Makata was able to score untouched and gave South Africa a 14: 7 advantage at halftime.

In the second half the frustration of both teams was evident, with penalty shoot-outs and dropped balls for both sides. South Africa comes on just two minutes before the end You know Preez falsified a pass but saw a chance in the middle and kept the ball to himself to seal the win for South Africa. Stedman goose stapled on one final try when time ran out for the 28-7 win.

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