Virtual healthcare provider Betacare launches across Nigeria

Betacare, a virtual healthcare provider, has announced the launch of its operations in Nigeria.

Mobile healthcare startup Betacare aims to fill the current healthcare gap in Nigeria by bringing affordable and quality healthcare to the masses at their fingertips.

Betacare found a way to use technology to give patients quick access to healthcare whenever and wherever they need it, while providing certified healthcare providers with an efficient way to care for those who otherwise would not have access to it.

During an interview with Tosin Obafemi, CEO of BetaCare, he said, “I want BetaCare to be that bridge that enables people living in rural and underdeveloped areas to access quality medical care without location barriers.” According to this, this led to the launch of our WhatsApp, Live Video Calling and Facebook Messenger channels which allow users to chat or call with a qualified doctor from anywhere via their Android and web apps as well as social media for talk as little money as 500 naira.

This is a healthcare service powered by an online platform where patients can make appointments with a doctor via WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. In addition to online access to doctors and specialists, the company also offers its customers access to pharmacies and laboratories as well as emergency medical services such as ambulances from the comfort of their own home.

BetaCares COO, Ms. Runo Obafemi; added, “BetaCare not only caters to low earners, we also have a range of services that are valuable to high earners. Our virtual consultation, home testing team and drug delivery service are valuable to all patients – they are convenient, time-saving and easy to use.”

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She also stated that health care is a basic human right and everyone deserves access to quality and affordable care in a place where they feel safe and comfortable. Unfortunately not everyone has this luxury, we want to change that and we cannot do it alone. Therefore, we call on everyone to take an active role in improving the quality of healthcare in Nigeria and making our country a better country.

To that end, Betacare has also integrated an SMS feature that now allows users who are BetaCare subscribers to receive medical expert access via SMS. This will ensure that even Nigerians without access to smartphones can now access healthcare.

BetaCare launched a beta version in November 2022 and officially launched on five (5) platforms two months later on January 24, 2023:

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– Web application

– mobile application (available on Google Playstore)

– WhatsApp “+2349047152190”

– Facebook messenger @betacare_ng

– SMS chat (text BE to 4449 for MTN users and BC3 to 3035 for Airtel users)

For more information, you can follow BetaCare on Instagram and Facebook or visit their website.






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