Vivica A. Fox And Kenya Moore Settle Years-Long Feud, Just 2 Years After Fox Said ‘F**k That B***h’

Nearly a decade after the star of their feud, Moore and Fox have finally made amends and revealed their reconciliation during the latest episode of Cocktails with Queens.

“After years of throwing jabs at each other, being mean to one another, it was so nice to run into you at Crustacean in Beverly Hills,” Fox began. “You know Kenya, I’m going to tell you one of the main reasons I was like I am ready to move past this is because I saw you become a mother, and I saw the smile, and a little bit of something different in you And I was like, you know what it is so time for us to move on, and we just literally walked to one another in the middle of the restaurant and talked. It was that simple.”

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