Vodacom from South Africa introduces VodaPay Super App with Alipay

Vodacom from South Africa has launched the VodaPay Super App to drive financial integration and economic growth in South Africa.

Developed by Vodacom Financial Services in collaboration with the leading global platform for digital lifestyle services Alipay, VodaPay is a comprehensive mobile payment solution tailored to the specific lifestyle and payment needs of consumers, businesses and technology developers.

Vodacom Financial Services invites developers and companies of all sizes to join the VodaPay ecosystem by creating their own mini-programs. This enables them to leverage world-class technology to accelerate digital engagement and improve market access. The VodaPay Super App offers endless possibilities for acquiring new customers, trading and advertising through these mini programs. These third party downloadable sub-applications run within the VodaPay Super App and are available to all consumers to improve their lifestyle. Best of all, building a mini-program on the platform is quick, easy, and inexpensive.

Whether a VodaPay user is paying bills, sending money, playing games, ordering takeout or shopping online, there is likely a mini-program to do this conveniently located in a digital room. Around 70 companies have already registered or committed to create their own mini-programs in the Super App.

Shameel Joosub, CEO, Vodacom Group
Since we announced the VodaPay Super App last July, we’ve made significant strides in developing this technology solution that will transform the fintech ecosystem in South Africa. Our strong partnership with Alipay strengthens our access to world-class technology and puts us on a par with leading global digital counterparts.

Mariam Cassim, Chief Officer of Vodacom Financial and Digital Services
This is the perfect opportunity for businesses and developers to establish themselves in this high-tech, scalable digital mall. You can access millions of potential customers every day. While VodaPay will be available to customers on any cellular network, it will be toll-free for all Vodacom customers.

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