Wajackoya roots for legalization of Marijuana to settle Kenya’s debt » Capital News

NAIROBI, Kenya, Jun 30 – Roots Party Presidential Candidate George Wajackoyah has rooted for the legalization of Marijuana in the country saying that if Kenya grew Marijuana in Nyeri alone for a year, the country could settle its entire debt portfolio.

Speaking Thursday during the launch of his manifesto, Wajackoyah said that an acre of Marijuana can earn a farmer Sh8 million per harvest.

“The whole of Nyeri county is 583,000 acres. This means that if we grew Bangi in Nyeri county, Nyeri residents will earn $45 billion or Shs.4.6 trillion per harvest,” he said.

“And because Bangi is harvested twice a year, it means Nyeri residents will earn $92 billion or Shs.9.2 trillion every year,” he said.

Wajackoyah said that if the country grew Marijuana in Nyeri alone, the country would build two expressways in each county in Kenya.

He added that if Marijuana is grown in Nyeri alone, each Kenyan could get a dividend check of Sh200,000 every year from the sale of bhang.

“Mt. Kenya was made wealthy by two cash crops-coffee and tea. In fact, Kikuyus got their economic head-start head start in 1923 when they were allowed to grow coffee and tea. Before 1923, it was illegal for any indigenous Kenyan to grow both crops,” he said

“Bangi is our next cash crop. It grows wildly in Mt. Kenya. Question is, if we required the permission of mzungus who have NOW legalized bangi, why shouldn’t we LEGALIZE?” hey posed

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The Roots Party flag bearer further took a swipe on the clergy for standing against his “Marijuana agenda” saying they have no right to condemn them whatsoever.

He urged them to call them on the table and discuss on those issues so that they have a clear understanding of their agenda.

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