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[FILES] In reality, something is fundamentally wrong with all Nigerians, indeed Africans.

Everything that is human is worth mentioning and everything that is worth mentioning can be easier to work with. When we can talk about our feelings, they become less overwhelming, less disturbing, and less scary. – Fred Rogers.

Mr: Wellness is practicing healthy habits on a daily basis to achieve better mental health. And also to get better physical results and to grow luxuriously to survive in any complex environment. With all due respect, we all seem to suffer from cognitive biases and mental health in Nigeria. If I were President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, I would declare a state of emergency for national cognitive behavior and health care from day one. I would import the expertise of psychologists and behavioral health experts from recognized universities around the world to conduct forensic mental health research on all of us, including the President.

In reality, something is fundamentally wrong with all Nigerians, indeed Africans. Every day in Nigeria is a day, a problem! Leadership is tainted with selfishness and ignorance, and following is enchanted by misguided priority, unhealthy competition, and naughtiness. Fierce competition, instant gratification, and a predilection for accumulating wealth have tarnished our moral considerations and our preference for what is best for our health and everyday life.

The Holy Quran specifically identified three categories of people:
1. Those who are in search of wealth and power through hooks or crooks. 2. Those who have the insatiable pursuit of research and knowledge acquisition. 3. Those who are satisfied with their humble beginnings and current comfortable positions.

Unfortunately, the third category of people resides in the miniature state of the Nigerian, yes African population. Most of us are in the cocoon of the first category. Our worldly problems are not unsolvable if our cognitive structure is critically examined and honestly evaluated.

The Nigerian leadership is the offshoot of their followers. How do you explain the insane accumulation of wealth and resources that you don’t need in life and at the expense of the masses? What moral legacy do you leave for your children? How do people want their children to explain to the world how they got all the inexplicable wealth they have accumulated? These are all burning questions that should stir the minds of these politicians and their enablers. It quickly becomes more than necessary to trigger a collective mental assessment of everyone in Nigeria.

The level of our dysfunctional system in Nigeria exacerbates our collective amnesia for a nation we loved dearly. We all glorify spiritually displaced priorities in Nigeria. We all have to undergo a mental evaluation! Until we have all examined our mental wellbeing, we will continue to argue about the bush hunting prey that is detrimental to our collective wellbeing.

Yahaya Balogun wrote from Arizona, USA.

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