‘We left South Africa for St Albans so we could live freely as a gay couple with kids’ | Bricks & Mortar

My husband, George, 48, and I met at a corporate event in Johannesburg in 2012 [Muhommed Patel, 39, writes]. It was love at first sight, but we couldn’t be truly free to live as we wanted to. George’s parents were British but he spent most of his life in South Africa — I had always lived there.

Life in South Africa was hard for both of us. We were a same-sex couple in what we perceived to be a conservative environment. George and I Iived together in Emmarentia, in the northern suburbs of Johannesburg, on and off for five years before we tied the knot in November 2020. In my wedding speech, I told our loved ones that I just wanted the simple pleasures that life

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