Welcome to Kenya: plans for Indian tourists presented

The Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) has launched programs and packages to open up the Indian tourism market.

Irene Katumo, marketing manager at KTB, told a news conference that the board intends to bring the tourism market back to 50 percent of its pre-Covid levels.

“We have always been known as the home of champions. We say we’re not just home to champions. We are the home of every product,” she said.

Alongside the ongoing roadshow in three cities, KTB representatives highlighted opportunities for partnerships with Indian destination management companies, hoteliers, tour operators and Kenya Airways representatives.

In a presentation highlighting Kenya’s tourist destinations, they aimed to attract the Indian outbound tourism market and emphasized Kenya’s attractiveness as a “365-day destination”.

KTB data shows that the number of Indian arrivals in Kenya increased by 93.2 percent last year, from 42,159 in 2021 to 81,458 in 2022.

Representatives from the Embassy of Kenya in Bengaluru and Kenya Airways unveiled various process simplifications for Indian tourists, such as the ability to obtain a tourist visa in three days and select one of the 14 flights that fly weekly from Mumbai to Nairobi.

The roadshow, which started in Ahmedabad on January 30, is scheduled to end in New Delhi on February 6, following the Outbound Travel Mart in Mumbai on February 2-4.

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