Why South Africa needs a “Don’t Mess …”

South Africa literally has no more places to store its rubbish: the city of Johannesburg has warned that their landfills are almost full. Who wants to live in Trashzania? In this episode, we take on the country’s rubbish epidemic. We speak to an academic and an activist who explain why this problem is neither trivial nor bourgeois. Exploring one of the most successful anti-waste campaigns in history: and speaking to someone on the team who designed a simple but brilliant local product: a giant vacuum cleaner for the beach.

Don’t Shoot the Messenger is produced by Haji Mohamed Dawjee and written and presented by Rebecca Davis with editing by Tevya Turok Shapiro, sound mix and themed music by Bernard Kotze with additional support from Kathryn Kotze.

This podcast was sponsored by Ninety One.

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